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Working with HomeSteps

Working with HomeSteps®

HomeSteps utilizes the services of Real Estate Brokers/Agents to market and sell Freddie Mac's real-estate owned properties. When a Broker/Agent is added to the HomeSteps listing broker network, they are responsible for adhering to HomeSteps' high standards.

HomeSteps establishes relationships with the Principal Broker and Owner of the company, not individual real estate agents. If you are an agent, please contact your Principal Broker/Owner to discuss listing opportunities.

We have very little turnover among our listing brokers and we are very selective so please be patient. It may be years before a new listing broker in your area is needed.

Requirements for Becoming a Listing Broker

HomeSteps has very specific requirements for becoming an active listing broker. Some of our general requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Proof of an active real estate broker license
  • Proof of a minimum of $500,000 Errors & Omissions insurance coverage
  • Proof of active membership in good standing with MLS board(s) within the primary market area
  • Financial capability to support ongoing expenses incurred while marketing properties

In addition, the following criteria are beneficial:

  • 3 to 5 years REO experience, preferably with corporate sellers
  • Advanced BPO methodology
  • Relevant and current knowledge of local market conditions, regulatory requirements and industry trends
  • Active and continuing REO education and/or certifications

Freddie Mac utilizes the Supplier Profile Questionnaire process to select listing brokers.

Selection Process for Prospective Listing Brokers

If you would like to become a HomeSteps listing broker, please click here to access the Supplier Profile Questionnaire and register as a prospective broker. You may also review our sourcing list, which is updated every two weeks, to determine where HomeSteps needs brokers.

Once HomeSteps determines there is a business need to expand our network of brokers in a specific area, HomeSteps will utilize the Supplier Profile Questionnaire database to identify all brokers registered in that particular area. HomeSteps will decide which broker(s) will be selected for a phone interview based on the information provided in the Supplier Profile Questionnaire. After the phone interview(s) are complete, the most qualified broker(s) are chosen to continue with the activation process.

Please note that completing the Supplier Profile Questionnaire does NOT guarantee you will be selected.

HomeSteps is currently sourcing nationwide

Brokers and Agents
Check our up-to-date list to find out if HomeSteps is sourcing in your area. If you are a licensed broker in one of the current sourcing areas, please review our broker requirements and complete the Supplier Profile Questionnaire.

Please Note
HomeSteps only adds to its network of suppliers when there is a business need. Requests for information do not imply or guarantee that you will be chosen to become a HomeSteps broker.

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